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Getting Started

1) Contact us to get access to a demo account, or to set up your organization.

2) Download 80/20 Quality from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or use our web app.

3) Customize the dropdown menus to meet your needs.

Using the App


Identify The Issue

Inspectors on the floor can document a non-conformance directly in the 80/20 Quality App with enough detail and pictures to illustrate the issue for the decision makers in your business.


Management receives an alert that an issue has been identified and can make a decision on what steps manufacturing should take to fix, scrap or return a non-conformance.  The inspector is alerted through the app with explicit instructions on how to move forward.



Close Out and Tracking

The inspector takes the approved action and documents its completion.  All activities are logged for data capture and analytics to look for trends and find improvement opportunities.




We are a team that provides tools to simplify the tracking of errors in your business processes.  We have developed systems for industrial, food, medical device and aerospace companies that are looking for simplified ways to track what went wrong, make a quick decision and utilize that data to feed into their continuous improvement programs.  The old way of paper or emails leaves companies at risk for missing issues and missing trends in their data.  This tool is specifically developed with internationally recognized standards like ISO 9001 in mind to ensure continued compliance and simplify the data capture process.  Companies that utilize their history and information on errors understand that about 80% of their issues are from about 20% of their reason codes and the 80/20 app will help guide the business to address issues for the biggest effect. We are nonconformance tracking and reporting.


Data Driven

Supplier Performance Tracking

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